Welcome to TraceTag™,the leading provider of high security marking and tracing technology to combat, theft, counterfeit, fraud and parallel trading. TraceTag™ delivers security. Click on ‘This is TraceTag’ to find out more.
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DNA Tagging

TraceTag is the originator of DNA tagging and traceability systems for security and brand protection. We continue to enhance the technology and remain the leading innovator in the field, with robust and practical solutions that work. Click on ‘Our Products’ to find out more.

Our Products

Our products range from covert optically or chemically based systems capable of detection in the field (ValiMark™), to totally secure forensic systems based on proprietary DNA technology (CypherMark™).

TraceTag – Delivering true value

We have the proven experience and competence to become a long term, strategic partner for our clients to work with on brand protection and security in the broader perspective. Rather than merely selling advanced technology and systems, our prime focus is to solve our client’s problems and to maximize their return on investment in our solutions by close cooperation, and implementation of the most appropriate solution at a cost-effective price.

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