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This Is TraceTag

This is TraceTag

TraceTag™, was created in late 2001 by the merger of two companies – Cypherscience (UK) and Chemtag AS (Norway). By this merger, we created a unique and powerful combination of advanced technologies, strong competance, global partners and major international shareholders. Click on ‘Links’ to find out more.

Combating illegal activities

With the increasing globalisation of trade, counterfeiting is becoming ever more widespread and disruptive.
Parallel trading can also have major consequences, undermining the brand owners control and contributing to dilution of brand value. Duty evasion causes authorities to lose vast sums in tax revenues due to these illegal activities. Huge profits can be made by criminal groups, who may use the revenues gained to fund a wide range of further criminal activities.

Multi level approach

Our unique approach of offering multi-level, tailored solutions to any application, coupled with effective training, technical support, and sustained after-sales services means our solutions are easy to implement, and are appropriate to the customers’ exact needs.

Our goal is delivering value for major industries and applications. Click on ‘Our Products’ to find out more.