TraceTag™, was created in late 2001 by the merger of two companies – Cypherscience (UK) and Chemtag AS (Norway). By this merger, we created a unique and powerful combination of advanced technologies, strong competance, global partners and major international shareholders. Click on Links to find out more.

Combating illegal activities

With the increasing globalisation of trade, counterfeiting is becoming ever more widespread and disruptive.

Parallel trading can also have major consequences, undermining the brand owners control and contributing to dilution of brand value. Duty evasion causes authorities to lose vast sums in tax revenues due to these illegal activities. Huge profits can be made by criminal groups, who may use the revenues gained to fund a wide range of further criminal activities.


Multi level approach

Our unique approach of offering multi-level, tailored solutions to any application, coupled with effective training, technical support, and sustained after-sales services means our solutions are easy to implement, and are appropriate to the customers’ exact needs.

Our goal is delivering value for major industries and government agencies. Click on Our Products to find out more.


TraceTag International Ltd.

Tschudi Shipping Company AS

Owners and managers of vessels and shipping related projects and companies


Postal address:
P.O.Box 86 – 1325 Lysaker – Norway

Visiting address:
Strandveien 50 – 1366 Lysaker – Norway
Switchboard + 47 67 119880
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Minton, Treharne

& Davies Group (MTD)



Consulting scientists, Mariners & Engineers Analytical & Testing Laboratories Public Analysts

Head Office
Longwood Dr,
Cardiff CF14 7HY, UK
Tel: +44 (0) 29 2054 0000

UK: Cardiff, London, Carmarthen
USA: Houston, Texas | Pacific Rim: Singapore
Middle East: Fujairah, UAE



TraceTag International Ltd.

Mr. John Minton
Mr. Felix H. Tschudi
Mr. Peter Steiness Larsen (Non-Executive Chairman)




Paul Roquette,

CEO TraceTag International Ltd

Paul has a background in international economics (University of La Sorbonne) and graduated from the Institute of Political Science in Paris. He initiated the group‘s French company back in 1997. He is responsible for orchestrating the company’s growth, elevating its product portfolio as well as spreading the technology offer towards new market segments, including environmental applications. Paul manages key accounts worldwide and has been involved in establishing partnerships with strategic manufacturing contractors. He is based at the TraceTag Europe office in Paris.


Dr François Ghilleabert,

Chief Scientific Officer, TraceTag International Ltd

Dr Ghillebaert has a vast experience in scientific consulting for the chemical industry. He has established collaborations between private companies and universities to develop and promote new technologies with a frequent focus on environmental risk assessment.

François has altogether over 30 years of experience in research, development and chemical registration within the industry. He is notably co-inventor of a fuel tracer patent. His knowledge and expertise represent a great asset which helps propel TraceTag’s ambitious development goals. François will prompt our advancement towards new breakthroughs in biological and chemical based tagging and detection methodologies for the benefit of our clients.


Sally Cooper,

Sally joined TraceTag UK Ltd in 2007 as DNA analyst and subsequently laboratory manager. She joined the company Minton, Treharne and Davies Ltd, the UK shareholder of TraceTag, in 2020. She has been in charge of the laboratory activity and services for TraceTag from MTD head office in Cardiff, a vast laboratory compound which is offering a wide range of analytical testing and inspection services across virtually all industry sectors.


Dr Richard Vidal,

Scientific adviser, TraceTag Europe

Dr Vidal joined us from Merck KGaA where he led a major business unit in the field of microparticles and nanotechnologies for pharmaceutical, diagnostic, chemical and environmental applications.
Richard has altogether over 30 years of experience in innovation within the chemical industry.


Emmanuel Paire,

Sales Manager, TraceTag Europe

Emmanuel has over 20 years of experience in inks and special effect pigments. With a historical background in chemistry, he offers a rich and extensive wealth of knowledge in security printing and brand protection technologies where he has notably specialized since 2002. His excellent relationships among the world of both security paper manufacturing and secure printing including currency, allow him to comprehensively understand issues relating to counterfeiting. He succesfully contributes in the sales of authentication schemes which deliver results and value to large institutional and private organizations.


To be the leading provider of the most effective security marking and tracing solutions in the world to combat counterfeit, fraud and parallel trading in order to protect customer brand equity and prevent erosion of value.