Unique, Secure, Covert and Robust DNA marking system

CypherMark™ is TraceTag‘s covert forensic level DNA marking system. It is a totally secure product which allows for unequivocal and guaranteed identification of the origin of the material.

CypherMark™, by its design is completely secure, non-toxic and environmentally safe, whilst being extremely robust, stable and totally permanent in an extensive range of applications.

CypherMark™is available with a massive number of unique and novel DNA codes giving it a huge coding capacity.

The CypherMark™ system itself is made up of 4 controlled areas: Design, Production, Recovery and Identification. The design of a CypherMark code always comprises two primer sequences (keys) whose identity must be known before identification can be ascertained, and this information is uniquely available to TraceTag.

The CypherMark™ detection system uses well proven and patented technologies that allow for identification of DNA codes from very small levels of tracer, and this allows for extremely low concentrations in the original marking (less than parts per million). This makes CypherMark a truly effective solution at a very cost effective price.