CypherMark™ is the trade name of TraceTag’s ultra-high security, forensically secure DNA Tagging product. CypherMark™ is the world’s only DNA tagging product to use secure lock and key technology to access the code. Unlike our competitors’ products, our DNA codes cannot be copied or even accessed without authority. Each individual customer or application can be provided with any number of unique codes as required. Systems used by other companies have limited coding capacity. However, TraceTag have an infinite number of unique and forensically secure codes available.

If your company, product or valuable possessions need the ultimate in security tagging, please click here to find out more.


ValiMark™ is the trade name of TraceTag’s family of luminescent and chemical compound tracers. These can be used in a variety of different applications from print (ink and paper), adhesives, tear tapes, bulk product, etc.

Examples of uses to date include, passport security, driving licences, glass bottles, tax labels and designer product marking to name but a few. If your company, product or possessions require high security tagging combined with instant on-site verification, please click here to find out more.



TraceTag offers cost competitive multi-functional fuel and lubricant marker systems made of combinations of disticnct integrated tracer components :

  • unique biochemical DNA tracers
  • invisble chemical luminescent or fluorescent markers which can be detected in the field via a minute-test.

This two-level marking approach completes the use of forensic DNA coding for absolute proof of origin or source. Authentication ability remains in used oils or lubricants, thanks to the resilience of fluorescent or luminescent marker components.

The use of CypheFuel® helps government to reduce tax evasion, but also the fuel and lubricant industry to guarantee a safer supply chain, fight against conterfeiting and adulteration and suport product liability schemes in the long run.



Holograms or Holographic foils are a standard means of overt consumer assurance of authenticity. TraceTag do not supply Holograms or Holographic foils, however, our unique, patented CypherMark™ and ValiMark™ products can be used in conjunction with these systems when a higher level of security is desired.

The resulting high security holograms provide enhanced confidence to consumer and manufacturer alike.


Other systems

TraceTag supplies a wide range of materials including ultra-violet (UV) luminescent material which enable fast, in-field verification without the need for special tools. These are especially valuable when combined with covert, higher level security taggants such as CypherMark™ or ValiMark™.