ValiMark™ is TraceTag’s family of luminescent and chemical compound tracers. These tracers are miscible to an extensive range of ink systems and surface agents whether as free floating material, or incorporated into micro particles. Various formulation and delivery systems are available for most commercial applications, and to ensure stability and longevity in a wide range of environments.

Combining instant verification and high security

ValiMark™’s proprietary technology offers a flexible and cost effective solution that whilst being covert in nature, can be quickly and easily verified in the field by non-specialist staff, using dedicated and portable detectors. Valimark™ has proven effectiveness in markets requiring high security coupled with the convenience of in-field verification.

Versatile and flexible in use

ValiMark™ can be incorporated into most substrates, both bulk and surfaces, and is suitable for liquid, gaseous and paste applications. The solution can also be incorporated into plastic/polymeric films and related items.

Fully compatible with your product or packaging printing system.

ValiMark™ is fully compatible with our other taggants families (CypherMark™) to provide comprehensive security systems to meet the most demanding customer requirements.