Duty evasion is a major problem for authorities, particularly on alcohol and tobacco, where large sums of tax revenue are lost due to illegal activities. Customs fiscal stamps need high levels of security as, in high duty regimes, they are equivalent to banknotes.

Identity fraud is a growing problem, ranging from cloned credit cards to counterfeit identity cards, passports, and other formal documents. Security and terrorist concerns make this an ever more important area to ensure document authenticity.


Multi-level approach

TraceTag’s multilevel solutions provide excellent protection to combat fraud and illegal diversion;

The ValiMark™ covert security system, with convenient on-site validation, together with CypherMark™, which provides a totally secure forensic marker, offer an unbeatable combination of security.

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Compatible with other systems

TraceTag systems are highly complimentary to biometrics and electronic chips, and can be incorporated into printing ink, varnish, polymeric film, holographic material, etc.

CypherMark™ covert forensic markers provide a strong backup to other security features and provide evidence to help secure conviction in court if necessary.