Brand Protection

Counterfeiting and parallel trading

An increasing trend in today’s businesses is that more and more of companies’ value is related to their brand(s) rather than traditional tangible assets.

Another clear trend in global trade is the explosive growth of counterfeited branded products and unauthorised parallel imports appearing in the various sales channels.

These two trends in combination pose a serious threat to today’s brand owners and the value they possess. It is now more important than ever for businesses to have a strategic focus with long term commitment in the fight against brand name abuse and unauthorised parallel trading.

TraceTag is able to tailor brand protection systems specifically to meet the clients individual needs. Our multilevel approach and flexibility to implement security technologies directly into packaging and products are key elements for making secure, user friendly and cost effective solutions to truly secure your brand equity.

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TraceTag – delivering true value

We have the proven experience and competence to become a long term, strategic partner for our clients to work with brand security in a broad perspective. Rather than just selling advanced technology and systems, our prime focus is to solve our clients problems and to maximise their return on investment in our solutions by close cooperation, and implementation of the most appropriate solution at a cost-effective price.

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Counterfeiting of materials and parts

TraceTag provides authentication markers and origin monitoring systems for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in a wide range of industries including automotive and other mechanical industries parts, electrical and electronic parts industries, and computer parts.


Supplies and bulk materials

  • Our products ensure proper tracing of quality bulk materials;
  • bio-functional coating systems in the vegetable seeds industry
  • high added-value textiles
  • hides and semi-finished goods in the leather industry
  • technical and highly transparent plastic films
  • bulk security paper
  • lubricants and oil additives
  • metal cargoes
  • bulk plastic materials and parts
  • recycled materials / recycled waste / supply chain control

Bulk Plastic Materials and Parts

TraceTag has now cumulated over 20 years of experience supporting government organizations and private companies with fighting fraud, counterfeiting and parallel trading. Our marker products, originally created in support of the security paper and security printing industries, have now become available for plastics processing. By including our luminescent markers within plastic bulk, we can guarantee an efficient and easily verifiable protection system against counterfeit of all plastic materials and parts.

Additional information:
Download our brochure “Bulk Plastic Materials and Parts” dedicated to security marking for plastics processing (French language).


Sub contractors overrun

Non consumer products resulting from the activity of external contractors can be covertly checked to preserve the integrity of your supply chain.

TraceTag products and value

Counterfeits and unauthorised goods have a major impact on brand equity and lead to loss of sales and margin, as well as reputation. TraceTag’s cost effective products significantly reduce these problems.