TraceTag products are used to apply a security mark to a wide variety of liquid and solid materials providing a unique system to mark and secure property. Marked items can be identified unequivocally to provide proof of ownership or source and to facilitate the detection of fraud, theft and illegal deposit.

The following are some examples of current TraceTag applications:

Van protection

Anti-intrusion DNA marking system for the protection of cash-in-transit and parcel delivery vans.

Anti-intrusion DNA marking system for the protection of cash-in-transit and parcel delivery vans

With 17 years of experience in the protection of ATMs and cash-in-transit boxes, TraceTag has developed an innovative marking system for the ultimate protection of transport vans. The system ensures lightand flexible implementation while offering the traditional strengths of CypherMark® DNA marking.

Our forensic marker is invisible, inviolable, harmless to the environment and to the health of individuals. It ensures unitary coding and is detectable at trace level. This is a highly dissuasive systembased on the combination of strong signage and indisputable evidence which is used in the pursuit of criminals.

Additional information:
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Cash in transit, cash staining

TraceTag is a member of Bank Note Watch and Vigie Billet promoting the protection of cash money by the use of cash staining devices. The extensive inclusion of TraceTag solutions throughout Europe assists in the identification and prosecution of thieves.


Antiques, jewellery, works of art and personal property

Applied to a whole range of surfaces to prove ownership of recovered items.


Book and high value documents

Specific dry products for tagging papers, parchments and similar fragile substrates.


Banknotes / negotiable documents / security papers

TraceTag products can be incorporated into the body of the paper permitting authentication of documents.


Covert operations

TraceTag products are ideally suited for a multitude of covert or « sting » operations.

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