Unique, Secure, Covert and Robust DNA based marking system

TraceTag provides a secure system for the marking of branded oil products to prove brand identity and the presence of specific brand additives and their concentration to ensure customer confidence.

Smuggling of fuel is a major problem in many parts of the world with the varying tax regimes in neighbouring countries. This can provide an enormous incentive to smugglers. TraceTag can determine the origin of the fuel as well as the fiscal status allowing authorities to determine the legitimacy of the fuel.

TraceTag’s portable systems for in-field DNA analysis ensure that fuel samples taken from a roadside verification are quickly and efficiently checked to determine what action to take.

TraceTag can provide unique codes to identify marine oil cargoes to facilitate detection of theft.

Through a licensed affiliate company, TraceTag products can be applied to all aspects of marine operations: bunkers, bilges, tank washings.

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