Imprisoned for 6.5 years

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22 April 2019

Post office Cash in Transit thief jailed for 6.5 yrs

Evidence provided by Tracetag Uk has helped convict a cash in transit robber in the West midlands following the deployment of systems incorporating Tracetags unique forensic marking system by the Post Office in the Wolverhampton and Birmingham areas.

A Birmingham man has been jailed for nearly seven years after pleading guilty to robbery at Birmingham Crown Court, in part due to evidence provided by Tracetag UK ltd.The was convicted of a cash in transit robbery at a Post Office in Hansdsworth earlier this year (2014) after he and an accomplice stole a cash box containing several thousand pounds.

The pair made off which was later found abandoned. An angle grinder and the empty cash box were also found nearby. A search of the area revealed discarded clothing, including masks, and forensic tests sealed the thief’s fate.

Despite several attempts to locate the Thief, he evaded capture until September, but officers closed in as he was about to board a plane to Spain at East Midlands airport.

Although he initially denied the offence, the wealth of evidence against him led to a guilty plea and he was sentenced to 6 years and eight months.

The Investigating officer, said: “We work closely with cash transport companies to ensure the safety of their delivery drivers. Fortunately the driver in this incident was unhurt and I am pleased that the perpetrator has received a lengthy custodial sentence. »