New anti-counterfeiting

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5 December 2019

New multi-level anticounterfeit tracer launched by TraceTag to fight counterfeit in the motor oil and lubricant industries.

Winter 2018. TraceTag successfully launches a new marker concept to support oil and lubricant security across the marketplace, addressing the supply chain challenges that are being increasingly experienced by industry stakeholders:

  • Re-packaging of an oil, including used oil, into the original packaging
  • The use of unapproved base oils for approved formulations
  • Reduction or even removal/omission of additives required to meet the performance requirements

The new tracer package combines powerful color dyes blended by the company Fuel Theft Solutions Ltd, together with MexTag®, our two-level tracer, which ensures both quantitative field authentication and forensic DNA coding for absolute proof of origin or source. Authentication ability remains in used oils or lubricants, thanks to resilient luminescent marker component engineered by our long time partner,

Mexel Industries SAS